It is not only the males seeking greener pastures for employment abroad, the female counterparts are equally keen in getting employment for better livelihood and earn a living for their kith and kin in India.

Females, in particular domestic servants, are being exploited by  the Indian fraternity and foreign nationals.  In order to protect such women, Government of India has already issued directive that only women over 30 years of age were eligible to be employed abroad as domestic servants and no age criteria for other categories of employment.

With effect from 1st September 2007, Government of India has issued revised directives as follows:

  • Minimum age for seeking employment abroad by females is 30
  • In addition to the above, a minimum qualification of completion of Higher Secondary education for employment other than domestic servants.
  • Agreement for employment should be made between the Employer and the Female-employee and NOT  between the Agent and the Seeker.
  • Every Female-employee should be provided with a Pre-paid mobile phone card by the Employed for their access in case of any emergenices to contact the Indian Consulate.

In addition to the above,  Indian Consulates would soon introduce Help-line facility in all their stations to provide immediate access for the distranged Indians.

We, BESTNRI, arrange to send genuine domestic servants from Chennai for our NRIs.

Visit us at www.bestnri.co.in or email: info@bestnri.co.in


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