LAND GRABBING – A BIG MENACE in Chennai Suburbs — PART 1

The Central Crime Branch (CCB), a wing of the Chennai Police, had recovered 296.50 acres of grabbed land valued at Rs.269 crore from persons who had allegedly taken possession by using force or other means is a proof of the growing menace. The factual statistics is that of between July 2006 and June 2007. Much more complaints are being registered by the police department.

Normally, land grabbing is done by anti-socials who come to know that the real owners are away or settled abroad for a long time and nobody to take care of the property. They first indulge in encroachment to see whether any objections or checking is done by the property owners and if found comfortable settle themselves and subsequently sell at hefty prices by posing themselves as owners.
Another way of grabbing is done by the local indecent brokers. When a genuine owner wants to sell the property, a copy of the document given to the broker is misused and a breach of trust is committed. With the connivance of few insiders in the sub-registrar office they forge the document and the sale deed got registered.

There are instances where a tenant created specific power of attorney and executed the sale deed on the house where he lived for years as though he was the real owner. Another instance being a gang created a fake death certificate and based on that a fake legal heir certificate is issued which was used to fabricate the ancestral property and was sold without the knowledge of real owners. Even the legal advisors are unaware as they go only by the papers which are sequentially done.

We, the land owners, are also to be blamed for allowing such transactions due to our negligence. It is not worth owning properties without constant monitoring. At the same time, many NRIs are helpless in this aspect as they have to depend on their relatives or friends for constant watch of their properties. Practically, it is difficult for the fact that the relatives envy or eye the same for them. With friends, it may be an embarrassment for both the parties.

Here we are, to combat this menace in a very transparent, genuine and safety way, to take care of your property with vigilance and uptodate reporting to heave a sigh of relief.

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9 Responses to “LAND GRABBING – A BIG MENACE in Chennai Suburbs — PART 1”

  1. manika vasagam Says:

    That is very much true.
    This is the real case.It is happening.I am son of S.Pakkiriswamy.

    Special Correspondent
    CHENNAI: Two persons were arrested on Wednesday on charges of land grabbing.

    Following a complaint from S.Pakkirisami of Sastri Nagar, Adyar, that some persons had managed to sell his property on Sathsang Road, Madipakkam, valued at Rs 1 crore, by preparing forged documents, Commissioner of Police G.Nanchil Kumaran directed the Central Crime Branch police to register a case. Investigations revealed that a three-member gang had fabricated documents such as death certificate and legal heir certificate of Pakkirisami and registered the land measuring 5,616 square feet in their name through a forged general power of attorney at the Pallavaram Sub-Registrar Office.

    Subsequently, the gang also attempted to sell the property. The main accused, K.S.Ragupathi of Madipakkam, who was arrested a few months ago in connection with similar land grabbing complaints, was detained under the Goondas Act on Wednesday, an investigating officer said.

    The police gave the names of accomplices of Raghupathi as K.Meeran Moideen (48) of Ambal Nagar, Keezhkattalai, and K.Habib Rahman (30) of Vyasarpadi, both real estate agents, who allegedly signed as witnesses in the documents. The police registered cases of cheating, forgery and conspiracy against the two persons and produced them before a city court.

  2. Savithri C. Says:

    My husband (not an NRI) is a recent victim of such a fraud. He has been the owner of a plot in the suburbs of Chennai for over thirty years and we found out recently that it has been sold under power of attorney by a total stranger to another by forgery. The photos affixed on the fradulent document are all of strangers. My question: isn’t the registration office, a service institution controlled by the state government, at least one of the culprits if not the chief, as the transaction is carried out clearly without due diligence? For instance, if some money is taken out of your bank account by a forger, the bank is held liable for the damages caused to you. And frankly, in a supposedly free and fair country, as long as you pay all your dues to the state, it shouldn’t matter, if you are physically present near your property or not. The government should formulate stringent laws to deal with such acts, to aid the victims and not punish them by forcing them to resort to expensive legal measures.

  3. hemapriya Says:

    In the year 1987, My wife bought 2400 S.FT ( One ground) in Ayyappan Nagar, 9th cross, in MADIPAKKAM CHENNAI. After two months I bought the adjoining plot 2400 s.ft. Thus we owned Total 2 grounds of 4800 s.ft. The property was ours for past 23 tears.
    We were consulting various builders & Developers. We got the Document xerox copies returned as the builders differed in negotiations & the specifications. We postponed construction due to DownFall in IT in Chennai. We have only Two Daughters as legal heirs in our Family.
    After 2 to 3 years; on 1st JULY, 2010, A FORGERY FAMILY GIFT SETTLEMENT DOCUMENT on the name of a NON EXISTING Son is reigistered by Sub-Registrar, VELACHERY, by fake persons. We got the news in the last week of September 2010.
    We contacted Mr. Tr.S.R.Jangid, IPS, Police Commissioner of Suburban region Chennai, on 01-10-2010,and gave him a Grievence Petition, about the Land Forgery.
    He Instructed the Central Crime Branch, Assistant Commissioner of police. Now The CENTRAL CRIME BRANCH, Suburban Region, Chennai, are dealing with our Petition to Give remedy to our family.

    • Maha Says:

      We are in a similar situation and have given a complaint to the Police Commisioner’s anti-land grabbing cell. Can you give some suggestions? How long did it take to resolve your issue? Were they effective?

  4. UK News Gateway Says:

    UK News Gateway…

    […]LAND GRABBING – A BIG MENACE in Chennai Suburbs — PART 1 « NRI/PIO SERVICES[…]…

  5. Arasukutti Vetrivelu Says:

    Yes it is true that there are lot of land grabbers around us. My family also a victim of land grabbing act and I approached CCB Chennai which is being analysed by them. I hope a proper remedial actions will be taken by CCB Chennai and the notable land grabbers at Thuraipakkam will be punished shortly also our plot will be returned.

  6. G Natarajan. Says:

    Well NRIs themselves try to grab land as I experienced a few days ago when a CTS employee in Dubai who has got some contact in Chennai whom he called as his brother, did this to me. They went to my property and created the impression that my property has a litigation while nothing exists in reality. This way they expect me to sell the property at a throwaway price a modern way at trying to grab property. Ofcourse the police have been informed and I hope something will happen.

  7. Sukesh Rao Says:

    The police should take stringent measures and act against these anti social elements and enforce the L&O strictly, these land grabbers not only create problems to the victims but they destroy the moral values & ethics and act against the law. They take the law on their own hands and without even having consideration the future course of legality involved, these land grabbers would have cheated several innocent families which would have not come to the supervision of the law & police. If these innocent people are redirected to the court, the land grabbers know how to drag the case and ensure the victim’s life is ruined. Already the victim would have lost all his money with these land grabbers ,these land grabbers would have piled up huge cash & property behind them in their benami names which becomes un noticed to the law & govt. For greed of more & more money and leisure life style these land grabbers cheat the poor innocent families & people of their own state. They have confidence in them self & the system that they can manage to escape the law and pollute the nation with the money what they have.
    We sincerely thank the efforts taken by the Police & higher officials & Govt who is involved in bringing moral justice to the victims and punish the wrong doers. This will enforce that every citizen will strictly adhere to the law which inturn will reflect the development of city & state with good human beings around.

  8. armstrongyezdi1974 Says:

    I was approached by an individual called Sripriya and Raghavan(111,3rd Main Road, Sadasivam Nagar, Madipakkam, Chennai – 600 091) saying they will construct house in a cheap manner. Fell a prey and lost 20L for getting land in Tambaram.

    Please don’t approach them and be careful.

    Filed complaint and didn’t succeed as came to know later only they have cheated so many people around the neighbourhood.

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