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March 9, 2008

In continuation of our earlier writings on the above subject, yet another culprit has been arrested by the Chennai City Crime Branch. In Chennai, Korukkupettai, the culprit had made an agreement to buy a big piece of land for Rs.30 lakhs 3 years ago. On getting the copies of the documents, fake documents have been prepared by the culprit.

Subsequently, with the fake documents,purported as original, the big piece of land was bifurcated and sold for Rs.26 lakhs to an individual and Rs.44 lakhs to a religious trust earmarked for construction of a church. On scrutiny with the Sub-Registrar by the Purchasers the scandal had come to light and consequently the culprit was brought to books and is now behind bars. Whatever said and done, the purchasers have lost not only hard earned money but also mental peace and faith in land deals.

As reiterated in our column that adequate precautions need to be taken before purchasing property and enough time to analyse the documents by atleast 2 legal advisors and also with the required authorities ,we request our brothren NRIs to be careful about the touts and invest prudently seeking professional help from organization like us.

(Courtesy:’Dinamalar’, a leading tamil daily, dt.28.2.2008)

HOUSEMAIDS – Now a costly affair in Dubai

March 4, 2008

The Indian Embassies in UAE held a series of meetings to look into the plights of Indian employees in UAE especially those who are employed as domestic servants, care takers, baby sitters and other unorganized labor.

The Government of India is deeply concerned about the welfare of Indians employed in the Middle East. Lot of complaints like overwork, lesser pay etc.have prompted the government to stipulate minimum wage requirements in order to protect the workforce abroad.

As per the discussions, It is now decided to increase the minimum wages for Domestic Servants Females(Housemaids) from existing INR 7,500/- to INR 12,100/-. So from now on employing housemaids has become a costly affair as the employer has to shell out near about 1000 dirham. Also, it is stated that the employer’s minimum salary must be INR 1,10,000/- per month. These stipulations are for employment in Dubai as per Ministry’s communication.

Courtesy: “Dinamalar” dt.22.2.2008

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