HOUSEMAIDS – Now a costly affair in Dubai

The Indian Embassies in UAE held a series of meetings to look into the plights of Indian employees in UAE especially those who are employed as domestic servants, care takers, baby sitters and other unorganized labor.

The Government of India is deeply concerned about the welfare of Indians employed in the Middle East. Lot of complaints like overwork, lesser pay etc.have prompted the government to stipulate minimum wage requirements in order to protect the workforce abroad.

As per the discussions, It is now decided to increase the minimum wages for Domestic Servants Females(Housemaids) from existing INR 7,500/- to INR 12,100/-. So from now on employing housemaids has become a costly affair as the employer has to shell out near about 1000 dirham. Also, it is stated that the employer’s minimum salary must be INR 1,10,000/- per month. These stipulations are for employment in Dubai as per Ministry’s communication.

Courtesy: “Dinamalar” dt.22.2.2008

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