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Handwriting Classes for NRI kids

September 29, 2008

NRIs usually come to Chennai during winter for the Music Season and in Summer for meeting relatives and friends along with their family. Now , of late, there is yet another item in the agenda for Summer. “Handwriting Classes” for young kids. Normally the schools abroad lay less emphasis on handwriting for children as they are expected to learn themselves. Infact, it appears that children are not even taught the way to hold the pencil and write legibly in such schools. However, Indian-based schools abroad are better in such teachings but they are predominantly spread over only in Gulf Countries.

Our NRI brethren are bothered about their children and want to give the best education abroad as well as other educational abilities like Abacus, handwriting, painting, Chess playing, Art & Crafts etc. Anyhow, they try to couple the vacation in India in a more fruitful way by putting their kids in classes for special skills during their stay.

It is seen in Chennai that training centres for Handwriting are getting good inflow of NRI kids and few of them are true to their profession. Also, as the time is short, these centres provide tailor-made training sessions for the kids. Another problem for the NRI parents is housing and transportation. Usually, short-stay accommodation is a costly affair and staying in relatives/friends is equally embarrassing. So, NRIs have to plan well before reaching Chennai.

We, from BESTNRI, are here to help such NRIs for arranging accommodation as per their budget, choosing the correct training centre and ideal transportation. Also, arrangements can be made for NRIs during Music festival Season.Input your requirements with or email

Her Highness Queen Elizabeth felicitates an NRI – a great honour !

September 16, 2008

A very rare honour is showered on an Non-resident Indian living in Britain. He is Mr.Raj Rana, owner of group of hotels “Ithihaas” in UK. He is honored with Best Hotel ‘Cobra good Curry’ award this year among the hotels of United Kingdom.

Mostly hotels run by whites alone would be chosen for the award and this is the first time that an Indian hotel gets nominated and won the award too. Another feature of this victory is that Mr.Raj Rana entered the fray only late as he was into the jewellery business and “Ithihaas” hotels with branches spread over UK was one among the Indian hotels having a collective networth of INR two lakh crore of business.

Mr.Raj Rana was given a grand reception and was honored by none other than Her Highness Queen Elizabeth in the midst of 350 important dignitaries. Not only us, even Mr.Raj Rana could not believe his ears when such an invitation was extended by the Royal Palace for the occasion.

Hats off to you, Mr.Raj Rana !! You have done us proud as an NRI in Great Britain !!

Special Greetings from BESTNRI – an NRI service provider from India (