A Different Stroke

Construction EconomistTwo Chennai, India based NRIs Dr.Vallabh Janardhan, Neuro-Surgeon and Mr.Vikram Janardhan, CEO Insera Therapeutics are on a mission to manufacture a device to treat Strokes and other neurovascular diseases at an affordable cost.

The Insera device, called Shelter, is a tiny umbrella-like stent that can retrieve stroke-causing clots from the miniscule blood vessels in the brain and the heart.  These devices are not available in India and the imported costs Rs.2.50 lakh.  The ‘Shelter’ would cost only one-fifth of the imported one.

According to WHO statistics claim that Strokes are the second leading causes of death worldwide.  In India the drug therapy is effective within the first three hours of the attack and that too the drug disintegrates the clot into smaller ones which still remains in the blood stream.

The NRIs have completed the clinical trials in animals and human trials would commence within the next few months.

BESTNRI wishes them all success and hoping this would be a boon for Stroke victims.

Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle


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