Plight of deserted NRI wives

The ministry of overseas Indian Affairs is concerned over the increasing number of Indian women being duped and deserted by NRI husbands and in order to provide relief to such victims a welfare scheme has been introduced.

Under this scheme, the victims would be provided counseling and legal services through Indian Associations/NGOs/Indian Women’s Organization identified by Indian missions and empanelled by the ministry in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Gulf.  The assistance would be limited to US$1000 per case and the amount would be released to the concerned organizations assisting the victim in the respective countries.

Eventhough the scheme is a boon to the deserted NRI wives, it carries the following conditions to be fulfilled:

  1. Desertion or Divorce proceedings  in a foreign country
  2. Woman is an Indian Passport holder
  3. Marriage solemnized in India
  4. Desertion or Divorce proceedings within 5 years of marriage.

It is advisable to think twice before falling into the prey of NRI mania and an imaginative luxurious living abroad.  It is found that many women of marriageable age are of the opinion that everything and everyone is rosy abroad.  A thorough investigation is the need of the hour for unknown families having NRI sons abroad.  Even the parents are not aware of the entire topsy-turvy scenario in respect of husband-wife bondage abroad vis-à-vis here in India.

BESTNRI wishes all NRI couples to stay together and live their lives properly with prosperity.

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