UK NRIs win cremation rights

In Indian Hindu tradition, after a person’s death the body has to placed in a funeral pyre in open air.  In Indian cities, due to paucity of space and also for hygienic reasons, electric crematorium came into place.  In UK such a space is not provided.  The NRIs have to send the dead to India for creamation  as per tradition.

Mr.Davendar Ghai, 71, founder of the Anglo Asian Friendship Society(AAFS) based in Newcastle, took up case with Britain’s Court asking for a space for Cremation in open-air.  He took himself as the subject and fought the legal battle since 2006.  The campaign for this cause was sparked by the unique case of an illegal Indian immigrant who drowned in a canal in Southall, West London in December2005.  Nobody came forward to idendify him or report him missing.  After six months of  forensic analysis,  a number from his mobile was answered by Mr.Ghai and the body was cremated in non-traditional way.

In a landmark judgement, the UK court had finally granted the right to Mr.Ghai to be cremated after his death in an open-air funeral pyre housed with walls and a roof well ventilated.  This judgement is indeed beneficial for all the Hindu NRIs in UK. thank the UK government for the ruling and Mr.Ghai for his steadfast struggle for a public cause.

News Courtesy:Deccan Chronicle, India

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