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Samish Kumar – The NRI who does India proud

May 3, 2016

Samish Kumar – The NRI who built a multi-million dollar business across 120 countries! Imagine, it is not so easy in a big country USA without much of a background in the said field.
Samish kumar – After schooling in Bengaluru and Kanpur, moved to Lagos in the 1980s to join his mother, who had moved there to embark on a teaching profession in an alien country. Then he did Aeronautical Engineering in University of Colorado and was imagining to fly but due to the sudden fall of Airline industry, he was forced to move away from his passion of Physics & Aeronautics to pursue further studies in investment banking.
We would not have known Samish kumar if he had continued as investment banker in large banks of Barings and Warburg. But certainly these entrepreneurial roles have molded and kindled the fire in him heading towards what he himself would not have imagined a multi-million dollar business “TRANSFAST”.
It was not rosy for him to acquire such a big business as he had to struggle for 4 years 2004-2007 to identify and move along. A Brazilian Entrepreneur, who had been refused by other businessmen, was literally taught by Samish as to find the right time to sell his business and this made Samish to acquire Transfast in 2007. During these traumatic phase, the unprecedented love and understanding of his wife Janice made all the difference to what he is now.
Transfast is based in New York and is a leading omni-channel provider of multi-currency cross-border payments and funds transfer solutions for consumers and businesses around the world. It operates a best-in-class network across over 120 countries and 200,000 payout points in the Americas, Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa with multi-product capability, including a leading, one-of-a-kind instant bank transfer offering. Their customers can send via desktop or mobile device, or from an in-person location, either directly into the recipients’ bank account, or for cash pick-up at one of their locations.
Samish Kumar is the CEO of this great business entity and still going great.

Hats off to you Sir, for making India proud.

Courtesy: Inspiring Indians from Yahoo