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Social Service of an NRI in Ethiopia

July 26, 2020

In the state of Tamilnadu, India – Alanganallur is a place near Madurai which is famous for ‘Jallikattu’ (Taming of the Bull) sport has given a proud Indian Dr.Kannan Ambalam whose native is Pondhugampatti, a small hamlet nearby.  As most of the indians have the aspiration of becoming an IAS officer- a coveted post in India, Mr.Kannan Ambalam too had the same aspiration but ended up with higher literacy of Master of Philosophy and Ph.D in Public Administration.

For his greater qualification, he became a Professor in Volega University and was posted in Ethiopia.  Nothing is so great of an Indian getting a good job of his interest with such qualifications.  But the greatness lies in its uniqueness. While he was going to his college, he found and helped  an elderly lady struggling to cross a river.  He decided then that some bridge has to be built across for the people to travel to other shore with ease as sometimes people crossing the river die too. With his students,  he arranged to build a wooden bridge across the river which was shortlived as the main transport carrier, donkeys, in that village could not pass over.  Then as a big project, he with his own money built a concrete bridge and paved the way for easy travel between the mountainous villages.

The villages around his place have lot of streams of waterfall which the locals use for drinking and all other purpose was not purified leading to hygiene and health problems.  On the first place, he built a filtration tank near the stream of his village and gave potable  water to the locals at his own cost.  As the local administration could not afford such facilities, this proud NRI has so far constructed 43 small bridges, 28 water filtration tanks, a small dam and a public toilet with his own money and contribution from the public.  He appreciates the labour work done by his students and the local public without which such things could not be accomplished.

We, BESTNRI, a service provider for NRIs needs in Chennai, India salutes and appreciates the phenomenal work of Dr.Kannan Ambalam in a foreign state caring their plight as his own and doing proud as a Non-Resident Indian abroad.

News Courtesy: Thinamalar- A Popular Tamil Daily of tamilnadu, India dated 23rd July 2020.

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B E S T N R I (Bureau of Efficient STragies for Non Resident Indians)